Home Cooking Skills


Through Home Cooking we provide students with essential life skills in food preparation and nutrition to empower learners to live independently and make beneficial choices for their health and wellbeing. We reduce reliance on pre-prepared foods to enhance present and future health outcomes for themselves and their families.

We use the topic of food to access cross curricular content such as science, geography, history, PSHE, maths, religious studies, ethical studies. 

We use practical sessions to enhance students’ ability to read and follow instructions independently, develop self regulation, enhance teamwork and build communication skills.

Key Stage 3

Students work towards Prince’s Trust Wellbeing accreditation. Project Based Learning in which students design their own recipes to fit a brief is used, which helps to prepare students for the structure of final Prince's Trust assessments while also applying their food knowledge to real world and cross curricular contexts.

Key Stage 4

BTEC Home Cooking Skills Level 1-2 accreditation allows our students to build on prior knowledge in a clearly structured way, and bank qualifications which help them to prepare for post-16 study.

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