Student writing in notebook, Heath School Camden

Our Vision & Values

Heath School is proud to be a founding partner of the H3 Federation. Our vision is to be a place for all to learn and to grow.

We’re a welcoming and ambitious school, and we believe every student can thrive – regardless of their ability, background or past experiences. 

Here at Heath School, our young people are given a completely fresh start, both in their learning and in their personal development. Because we believe those two things – learning and personal development – go hand in hand. 

Where some schools may focus just on academic learning, we work with our young people to develop them as individuals with their own social, emotional and mental health needs. This is baked into the very fabric of our school: from our 5 Character Virtues, to our daily tutor sessions where each student is given time to reflect on their progress and character. 

For some of our students, traditional teaching hasn't worked in the past. Some may arrive with negative ideas of school and learning. But here at Heath School, we're not just more of the same. We believe in every single student – and we promise to work with each one to find ways to inspire them, and give them a thirst for learning.

“The staff at Heath school are good role models. I like them because they are really good teachers and always happy. 


I really enjoy the active learning activities, specially Thorpe Park and go-karting!”


– Heath School student, Gaashaan

 Find out more about the H3 federation on the link here. 
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