Art & Design


Art is an integral part of the Heath School curriculum.

We know that Art and Design offers all students an important opportunity to express themselves creatively. Through Art we want to encourage our young people to study and observe the world around them more closely, developing both their self-reflection skills and their awareness of wider global concerns.

The ability to make mistakes and learn from them is an essential part of the creative process, and in Art our students are encouraged to take creative risks by making lots of mistakes and not having to be perfect. We want our students to experience the enjoyment and the satisfaction in the process of producing art. By practising positive creative risk-taking and learning to make mistakes and recover from them calmly, our students will start to develop the confidence and resilience to cope with challenges in other parts of their lives.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum in art is spiral with skills and knowledge introduced at the correct pace for each student and key concepts repeated throughout the learning journey at KS3 in ever increasing depth and complexity. 

Key Stage 4

For KS4 students there is the opportunity to develop their art skills further and explore their creativity in a more vocational manner through units for the Level 1 BTEC Intro to Art & Design and the Intro to Vocational Studies. Those students with a passion and aptitude for the subject are encouraged to study for the Edexcel Art & Design GCSE.

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