The Prince's Trust Accreditation


The Prince’s Trust qualification enables all students to develop the skills, attributes and qualities required to take their next steps in education, training and employment. This aligns with the whole school curriculum intent as it is can be delivered in a bespoke way to maximise student engagement. It is a personal development qualification which supports students to experience success.

Students receive work experience and work related experiences as part of the careers curriculum. For Prince’s Trust the travel to and from and visiting new places is a key way that we support our students to have real world experiences, where they are expected to show the character virtues and skills required for independence.

Each Prince’s Trust unit is different so each one will have different overall learning objectives, for example the Careers unit gives students a better understanding of the jobs market and equips them with skills and knowledge to embrace social media to support their searches, job applications and interviews.  It is an opportunity for learners to think about careers they may wish to pursue, and reflect upon the training, education and experience required to enter that profession.

Key Stage 3

Students work towards a Level 1 qualification in Developing Resilience. Students are supported individually to develop skills of resilience to support their transition to KS4. 

Key Stage 4

Students in Year 10 work towards Personal Development & Employability Level 1 accreditation. In Year 11, students work towards Personal Development & Employability Level 2. 

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