Outreach Provision For All Camden Schools

From January 2024, we are trialling a new Outreach Provision to support other Camden schools.

Our experienced, specialist staff will work alongside your school – empowering the school to provide for all students in their care, regardless of previous experiences.

The provision is tailored to the individual needs of each student and school, and aims to support students to succeed in mainstream education once our on-hand support is removed.


What we offer

Our specialised team can work alongside any local mainstream school, to support students who may be at risk of exclusion. The interventions we provide are decided by a panel of staff who look at the needs of the individual student. 

• We support students to access the curriculum provided by their school

• We support your school staff, equipping them to deal with any complicated behaviours that may arise. This can include behaviour management techniques, as well as tailoring the curriculum so all students can be successful, empowered and included in the classroom.

• We create an individualised support plan for each student, depending on their needs.

• Our interventions include a weekly support session for students at risk of exclusion. These sessions are delivered by highly skilled, qualified teachers.


Find out more and contact us

To read more about how our provision can help your school and students, please click on the blue tabs below.

If you think your school might benefit from the new provision, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact our Heath School Outreach team on 020 7974 8906 and either speak to us or request a call back.

You can also email us on anthony.obrien@heath.h3federation.org.uk

How does our Outreach Provision Work?

We have developed systems which allow us, step by step, to assess the needs of our students at a social, emotional, and educational level. This allows us to produce (alongside the students’ mainstream teachers) a bespoke report including recommendations for mainstream staff to use to support the pupil at risk of being removed from their current setting.

When new approaches and methods of support are found we work closely with both staff and the learner to ensure they are utilised across the curriculum to ensure success whenever possible.

We offer support to pastoral teams and classroom teachers in order to enable them to make positive and effective adjustments to their existing systems.

We also work alongside families to ensure that there is consistency between the expectations of pupils at home and within a school based setting.

We have an expert team of professionals who we liaise with whilst preparing for and attending meetings to support learners and their families

Our 4-step process to support learners

Our intervention systems

We work on a 4-step process to support learners coming into our care:

1. We assess the needs of the student


  • Consult with key staff to understand the challenges and strengths faced by pupils, staff and parents/carers.
  • Observe the learner in a classroom setting and around the school during what is often referred to as “unstructured time”. This enables us to build a broader picture of the learner’s behaviours and habits.
  • Work alongside parents/carers to understand what behaviour is like at home. We aim to understand any contextual environmental challenges that the learner may be facing either currently or in the past.

2. We plan our support for the student


  • Identify and share any positive strategies which can be immediately implemented by school staff.
  • Identify any possible needs (SEMH/ND) which have not been revealed. Use this information to provide support to school staff in utilising any additional external support available.
  • Decide upon a suitable date for review in order to evaluate the impact had as a result of the intervention.

3. We implement the plan


  • We put the plan into action alongside the school and the family.
  • Work directly alongside the learner and key staff at the mainstream provision for a 6 week period.
  • We liaise closely with key staff and support them to make changes to their practice as the intervention progresses.
  • Ensure that staff, parents and learners have strategies in place to remain successful as the intervention comes to an end.

4. We review and revise the intervention support

  • After 6 weeks we meet with key staff, parents/carers and students to agree next steps.
  • The plan is adjusted and targets are amended as necessary.
  • Advice, support and monitoring for school staff and parents continues despite the reduction of direct support. 

What else can we offer?

Our Outreach team can support your school in a number of ways:


  • Creating and reviewing behaviour plans for students
  • Training support for small groups of staff
  • Support with reintegration meetings
  • Signposting to available services

The referral process

As a first step, please call or email us. We will discuss with you whether a referral to our outreach programme is the appropriate next step for the learner.

Once a referral is agreed, we'll work with you to complete our documentation and a meeting will be organised to discuss the needs of the learner. This will enable our panel to make a decision on how best to support them.

You can find our contact details at the base of the page. 

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