Cookery Class at Heath School Camden

Curriculum Implementation

Core subjects at Heath are delivered through ‘Quality First Teaching’ by subject specialists. Vocational subjects are offered by specialist external providers.

Each lesson follows a basic lesson structure: Literacy based Do Now, Build on Learning, Model, Practise and Plenary. This ensures that there is a consistent approach to planning and teaching. We choose appropriate resources and content, and introduce the more challenging elements of the curriculum when the students are ready.

Teachers use individual and whole class feedback to ensure students address any misconceptions in their learning. During lessons, teachers use live marking with a green pen and make corrections in student books and folders, including marking for literacy.

Our staff are encouraged to attribute student’s success to effort rather than ability, emphasising our character virtues of Resilience, Self-discipline, Humility, Self-regulation and Kindness. This guides our students through any challenges they may face during the school day.

There is a responsive programme of continuous professional development for teaching staff, using the instructional coaching model.

‘Courses and extra-curricular opportunities engage pupils’ interests and inspire their curiosity. As a result, many pupils achieve well.’


– Ofsted Short Report 2017

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