Boxing, football and fitness at Heath School

Posted on: 3rd Jul 2023

Through Summer Term, our students have been working on a new Vocational cycle. Focused on Health and Fitness. the students have worked hard on building their sporting and fitness skills. All the work contributes to their Level 1 BTEC Vocational award or certificate. 

We've seen some brilliant work in football...

Students have been practising in a competitive environment and developing some great skills in dribbling, long and backwards passing, shooting, goalkeeping and match play. The students also enjoyed learning more about coaching and the correct use of referee signs, developing their understanding of the authority, decision power and duties of a football referee.

The students took part in two boxing groups this term... 

One group travels to Islington boxing club and the others are trained by our resident health and fitness trainer Daniel Davey, who teaches here at Heath as well as at his own facility in Primrose Hill. The focus has been Stance set up; learning basic to intermediate footwork to evade and advance; defensive techniques; basic combination and punching skills; Basic stacks of 2-4 pad combinations and counter punch execution.

The personal training programme...

Delivered by Martin Whitlock. this runs at Heath School as well as at Martin’s boot camp based in Kings Cross. Students enjoyed working on general strength and endurance; leg strength as well as creating programmes for participants who wish to lose or gain weight.

And in response to our student voice...

Some of our students said they were keen to learn how to run, so we've been introudced a weekly running session using the 'Couch to 5k' app. Our target for the end of term is to run 5k (no time constraint!). The students began building up their stamina by running and walking intermittently and are on course for that big run!

With the help of our newest partner Ruby the dog, the sessions have been a great success. Well done to all our students who have developed their skills this term! 

      – Eva, Vocational Co-ordinator

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