Staff and students eat lunch together at Heath School Camden

Ofsted Report 2017

Heath School was last inspected by Ofsted in 2017. They confirmed that our school provides a Good education for all our students. 

Read their report on the link below, and see a snapshot of their comments here.

‘Courses and extra-curricular opportunities engage pupils’ interests and inspire their curiosity. As a result, many pupils achieve well.’

‘Staff genuinely want the very best for the pupils in their care. They have high expectations of what pupils can achieve and endeavour to ensure that pupils realise these ambitions.’

“Staff are patient and calm. They devote much time to helping pupils manage their own behaviour and emotions so that they are able to return to their learning.


As one pupil reported, ‘Teachers have time and they put up with a lot... They care about us’.”


– Ofsted 2017

‘Leaders and staff are well trained, highly vigilant and knowledgeable about the potential risks pupils face in the community. Weekly meetings, involving school staff and a range of professionals ensure that they can quickly address any safeguarding concerns. As a result, pupils and their families receive the help and support they need.’

Read the 2017 Ofsted Short Report here

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